November 08, 2013

Vintage Find: DinoVintage 顶古着

So we was recently asked to cover Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week (we will be posting images online asap!) and during our stay in the new "place to be" beijing we happened to stumble upon this oddly misplaced but wonderfully run and presented vintage shop called "Dino Vintage"
managed to snag a few items for less than $150!! 
if you're keen hit up their site on taobao be prepared to find some very well priced and extremely high quality items! better yet! if you are in beijing we highly recommend visiting their store which also doubles as a fairly unique cafe. you can find them at No.1 Zhongku Huton, Dong Cheng District. Beijing

and for those curious to get a little taste here are some images of the shop

Photos: Image ©ModalSoul Photo